24th February 2024

STV as a solution to the need for part Fiat and part Lumi trades

Swifin Transact is a tool that is set to transform the way in which Community members exchange their goods and services using a custom solution with 50/50 trading built in. Transact provides an unrivaled solution to the liquidity problem for Merchants and enables community members to make a single payment in any currency knowing fully well that the payment will automatically be settled 50% in fiat and 50% in the African Kindoms Lumi (AKL).

Final preparations to Launch the Transact Tool are underway and the platform is expected to open for members to start using from 1st February 2014.  Members would have to buy Swifin Transaction Vouchers (STVs) from the Swifin Connect marketplace and claim the face value of the STV via their Transact Account.

Pre-ordering of STVs and pre-registration on transact is expected to begin on Friday Janury 26 2024. The following STVs are currently available for purchase. 
STVs of fixed face values are only available from Swifin Connect Marketplace. You can use the links below to buy them.

10 STV :

100 STV :

1000 STV:

10000 STV:

100000 STV: