We are community focussed and driven by

Financial Inclusion

Our growing network of national and local coordinators and community members work together tirelessly with a single focus - Create an inclusive community for real time trade. With Community members in over 192 Countries around the world, we are connecting continental Africa with its diaspora, driving financial inclusion and empowering a generation to participate in the exchange of goods and services across the community. Enabling economic participation and poverty eradication.

Stable Access

Our hybrid instrument for exchanging goods and services providesaccess, stability and global reach.

With Confidence

Our secure real time settlement network provides confidence and peace of mind for members.

More About Us

SWIFIN empowers individuals and businesses of all types to exchange value at scale in real time. It provides a multi-currency and multi-tenant technology platform for the issuance and distribution of digital currencies.

The true power of the Swifin ecosystem is the collection of its dynamic community using technology tools to drive access and deliver a solution to the financial exclusion problem which affects over 1.7 Billion worldwide. The ecosystem is also gradually gaining momentum as a popular choice for individuals and business who want to minimise the impact of working with multiple volatile currencies for example within continental Africa as they trade with each other.

Transact is one of many community tools with the specific value proposition of enabling Community members to sell and buy goods and services from each other with a Dynamic Coupon which is 50% Fiat and 50% AKL. This empowers the heavily unbanked population to participate in the real economy and thus assist with the fight to eradicate poverty.