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Equitable access to instant transactions.

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Energise and capacitate communities.  

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Facilitate real time transactions.

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Digitise state transactions and the economy.

Who We are

Impactful Equitable Access

When ordinary people without rank and connection participate in an economic system where the rules are not fair and access is not equitable, many do not realise their natural and deserved ambition to live a dignified life. They pass on poverty and misery from one generation to the next. Stopping millions of people with great potential from contributing in making our world a better place.

That's why we need a leveller - an echosystem which provides instant equitable access for all individuals, communities, businesses and Governments.  

  • Store value on declining currencies
  • Participate in the new digital economy
  • Facilitate transactions under AfCFTA
  • Payments in familiar currency
  • Minimise currency conversions
  • Instant global payments
Smart Banking

Inclusive Real Time Transactions

Transact makes it possible for members to make and receive real time payments in the African Kingdoms Lumi (AKL) globally using amounts specified in any familiar local currency for seamless access for all members WITHOUT CONVERSION. 

All intrabank transfers of Values specified in local currencies are executed and settled in real time in AKL and with AKL (LUMI) as the singular underlying instrument of exchange.

There is no possibility to redeem any amounts shown in any local currency, on Transact without processing those payments through a regulated and licensed local member financial institution in accordance with the Lumi exchange rate mechanism. All Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) of payments in local currency value can only be achieved via the currency's licensed and regulated financial institutional member(s). Local currency values shown are otherwise for display only to facilitate transactions in AKL such as to enable members to trade with each other in AKL with amounts specified  currencies which members are familiar with.

Secure Instant Payments

Transact provides a secure but accessible mechanism for making and receiving instant payments.

Global Reach

On Transact any payment can be specified in any local currency of your choice for instant global payments without the need for conversion by using Lumi as the common instrument of exchange.

Local Currency Payment Experience

Transact provides the capability for members to make and receive payments and to execute their transactions by specifying the amounts in familiar local currency values.

24/7 Access and Support

Transact is available to all community members 24 hours a days everyday with a global support team to assist Community members in every time zone.

Zero FX Cost

By making and receiving payments in Lumi with transfer amounts specified in any local currency, Transact removes the need for costly currency conversions.

Real Time Transactions

Make and receive real-time payments specified in any local currency value with Lumi as common underlying instrument of exchange.


Onboarding Process

Registering on Transact is Open to individuals, Businesses and Governments

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Driving access to the new digital economy for all.

  • 1. Register in Minutes
    You can register within a few minutes but you will need a Connect Profile Link and Swifin ID to complete the registration process. To get started go to the Transact Registration page: https://transact.swifin.com/user/register
  • 2. Verify your email
    Once you complete the registration form you will receive a validation email. Click on the relevant link to verify your email address.
  • 3. Provide standard KYC
    You are required to provide proof of a valid Photo ID, Passport or drivers license. You also need to provide your Connect Profile Link and Swifin ID to complete the KYC process.
  • 4. Wait for validation and approval
    Once you submit your KYC information your account will be subject to validation and approval. As soon as you receive approval you will be ready for transactions on Transact.
  • 5. All Done
    It is a secure way to authenticate whether the customer who is executing a transaction is the rightful owner of the account.
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Individuals, Businesses and Governments are coming together for a new transactions paradigm.

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