We are community focussed and driven by

Financial Inclusion

Our growing network of national and local coordinators and community members work together tirelessly with a single focus - Create an inclusive community for real time trade. With Community members in over 192 Countries around the world, we are connecting continental Africa with its diaspora, driving financial inclusion and empowering a generation to participate in the exchange of goods and services across the community. Enabling economic participation and poverty eradication.

Stable Access

Our hybrid instrument for exchanging goods and services providesaccess, stability and global reach.

With Confidence

Our secure real time settlement network provides confidence and peace of mind for members.

Community Focussed For

Impactful Change

Financial exclusion affects as much as 91% of the population in some countries in Africa. The use of over 40 currencies across the 54 countries within the single market with over 1.4 billion people impedes trade and economic prosperity. You have a choice on how to exchange your goods and services, participate in the single market and be part of the impactful change to eliminate financial exclusion and genrational poverty.

One Account

Wherever you are, whenever you need to exchange value for goods and services you can in real time.


Real time inbound transactions give you peace of mind and empower you to track your business goals.


Need to make instant transfers to loved ones or payments to merchants? Just enter email and send.


Need to pay a community member in a different currency unit for convenience? Use instant exchange.

Scan and Pay

Don't want to enter emails and account numbers when making a transfer or payment? Just scan and pay.


Do you need to track inbound and outbound payments in different currency units? Add a new wallet.

Stable Value

The underlying values used to exchange goods and services are based on 50% Fiat and 50% AKL for inbound and outbound.

Inclusive Trade

Empower the embanked participate and drive inclusive trade using a single instrument for exchange.


Personalised and secure trading across the community in any currency values that meets individual and business needs.

How To Start in

3 Easy steps!

You can start using transact by completing just 3 easy steps. Register and validate your account, deposit your SDC and start.


Create your Transact Account. You will also need a Swifin ID for all AKL payments and withdrawals.

Deposit Your SDC

Swifin Dynamic Coupon (SDC) is a hybrid voucher or coupon with a face value of 50% fiat and 50% AKL.

Start Trading

A deposited voucher becomes instantly divisible and transferable to facilitate trading across the community.

Who can use Transact?

Swifin Transact is a Community Tool. It is only open to members of the community who wish to use the Swifin Dynamic Coupons to buy goods and services from other members of the Community.

What do I need to use Transact?

Transact is a Community Tool for using dynamic hybrid coupons called Swifin Dynamic Coupon or SDC. The face value of each SDC is based on 50% in Fiat and 50% in the African Kingdoms Lumi (AKL). You will therefore need to buy and deposit your SDC which can be settled in Transact for you to use in exchanging goods and services from other members of the community.

What are the current available SDCs?

There are 5 SDCs available. These include 10SDC, 100SDC, 1000SDC, 10000SDC and 100000SDC

What are the prices of the SDCs?

There are currently only 5 SDCs with different face values. These are listed below; 10SDC = USD5 + AKL0.313283 100SDC = USD50 + AKL3.132832 1000SDC = USD500 + AKL31.328321 10000SDC = USD5000 + AKL313.283208 100000SDC = USD50000 + AKL3132.832080

Where can I buy SDC?

SDCs which have a fixed face value areavailable from Swifin Connect Marketplace. You can use the link below to find and buy them. https://connect.swifin.com/?s=sdc&post_type=product

Frequently Asked Questions


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